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Trickle impregnation machines feed


trickling imprengation machine for stators"The “Trickling” impregnation method is considered as the most effective impregnation system for electrical windings , both for rotors and stators.
The components are positioned & fixed horizontally on auto-centring chucks. These chucks allow the components to rotate constantly on the central axis and they carry them through the different phases of the impregnation process (preheating, trickling, gelation, polymerization and cooling).
Depending on the component size and on the process requirements, the rotation speed—which plays a major role for a good resin penetration – is electronically controlled through the whole process, paying special attention to the trickling and gelation areas.

The impregnation area is composed of one or more trickling stations equipped each one with a series of drippers, strategically positioned on the parts in order to impregnate them on specific areas and facilitate accurate impregnation whenever this is needed by the process. The resin flows through the drippers by one or more pumping groups. 

Thanks to the accurate control of impregnation parameters (resin volume, parts rotation speed, temperatures and times), the system can apply the resin with maximum accuracy, using the capillarity principle, ensuring maximum absorption and avoiding resin dropping from the parts .


trickle impregnation machine for stators

 The component constantly rotates, during both the trickling and the gelation phase, so the liquid product (resin) applied penetrates evenly and fully in the component windings (slots and heads), getting high levels of solids content after polymerization.
The result is a perfectly impregnated winding, particularly and specifically in the
areas where impregnation is needed (winding slots & heads). The “Trickling” system is particularly used for all products where thermodynamic stresses are relevant and strong in their service.


armature being trickle impregnated

The technology used in our trickling systems complies with the best quality, reliability and automation standards. These features result in several advantages by the trickling impregnation method; 

High-quality of the impregnation
No afterworks after process
Maximum resin filling on the winding slots
Very high Bond-Strength standards
Excellent resin penetration in the whole winding
Short process times
High productivity
Possibility to use resins with or without monomers


stator being trckle impregnated