4 pole rotor winders feed


4 pole rotor windng machine

The 7600 and 8600 series of fully automatic 4 pole rotor winding machines for the industrial alternator generator market provide high quality precision results for both round wire and flat wire 4 pole rotor products.


The rotor is wound horizontally with a precision wire guide to accurately position each wire around the pole to give perfectly layering of each pole and a consistent result.


Automatic devices for inserting the air gaps spacers at the end of a correct layer are available. These air gaps pins are then automatically retracted after each pole has been wound. It is also possible to have automatic loading of air gap plastic moulded  spacers which remain in the rotor







4 pol rotor round wire


Each rotor is automatically indexed between poles and the inter pole wire are kept shot and precise for both round and flat wire 4 pole rotor application.


The machine can also overcome the problem of rotors with shaded poles with special guides to manipulate the wire around the shaded area and still maintain a prefect layering on each pole.




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4 pole rotor flat wire


Combination round and flat wire machines can be offered to maximise the range of frame sizes and wire ranges used in production.


4 pole rotors can be wound using our own high precision tooling mandrels or the customers actual rotor shafts which have been inserted prior to the winding process.


A fully programmable PLC control system with touch screen makes setting up and storing different rotor specifications  very easy for the operator.




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