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Castech srl is a young, dynamic company that continues to develop. It was established in 1998 when the productive sections of Cast srl were taken over. The company was created to follow the converter business in the electric insulation for low voltage sector. Through the years Castech srl has perfected its work and the types of materials treated, proposing itself as a solver of problems tied to the insulation of electric machines. Thanks to this experience, it developed a line of resistance welding machines for electric motor connections at the same  time. The objective Castech set itself was to semi-automatically connect enamelled wire and cable, or even enamelled wire alone, quickly and reliably. This objective was quickly reached with the creation of a heat crimping machine that uses a copper crimp, which is shaped by the machine itself and hot pressed between two electrodes, to weld.

Following the same philosophy, the company then developed a range of machines for big sized connections. In this type of machine the welding is done by connectors or wire terminals. Thanks to the continuous research and in-depth studies carried out on various welding demands, these machines were improved and perfected with the main objective of making the process more reliable, constant and automated. The excellent results obtained allow us to confirm that these machines are our strong point today. Our range is completed by a taping / insulating machine for applying insulation to the connection points and a pipe or cable cutter.



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